Chiang Rai is the second most well known city in northern Thailand after Chiang Mai. As per history, Chiang Rai was at one time the capital of the Lanna realm before at long last by King Mangrai was moved to Chiang Mai City.

Not at all like the clamoring and metropolitan city of Bangkok, the city of Chiang Rai dazzles progressively loose, noteworthy, and unassuming. The perfect time to visit the city of Chiang Rai is between December to February where the climate isn’t excessively hot. While in June and July, the city’s air temperature can arrive at 39 degrees Celsius.

Things being what they are, the place is the exceptional spot in Chiang Rai that you should visit? Here’s the rundown.

1. White Temple or Wat Rong Khun

6 One Of A Kind Spots In Chiang Rai That You Should Visit

6 One Of A Kind Spots In Chiang Rai That You Should Visit

The White Temple was redesigned by a modeler named Charlermchai Kositpipat in the year 1997. One uniqueness of this structure is the white shading that stands out.

Prior to entering the primary territory, travelers must line and stroll through a white scaffold brimming with carvings. Heaps of delightful and instagramable spots to make photographs.

2. Blue Temple or Wat Rong Suea Ten

Chiang Rai City has numerous sanctuary structures and bright hues. Other than White Temple, there is additionally Blue Temple. Prior to turning out to be Blue Temple, this spot is an old and destroyed sanctuary fabricating that was later by the occupants of the encompassing reestablished.

The whole structure of this sanctuary has a predominant blue shading and there is a tinge of gold. The white-shaded Budha reproduction in the center was finished in 2008.

Blue Temple is masterful and positively additionally useful for photograph made.

3. Karen Long Neck Village

6 One Of A Kind Spots In Chiang Rai That You Should Visit

6 One Of A Kind Spots In Chiang Rai That You Should Visit

In this spot, you can see the first Karen ancestral settlements starting from Myanmar. This clan took asylum in Thailand after a contention happened in their nation.

The Karen clan is well known for its ladies wearing metal arm ornaments on their long necks. In this settlement, they made painstaking work and woven textures, while the men were planted with crops.

Voyagers who visit Karen Village can take photographs with one of the long neck lady by purchasing keepsakes that they sell or give a tip after the photograph.

4. Chiang Saen Ancient City

The city of Chiang Saen was previously the most significant city in the hour of the Lanna realm, well before Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai stood. The entrance to this city can be come to via vehicle from Chiang Rai around 1.5 hours, contingent upon street and climate circumstance.

In this Ancient City, sightseers could see the remaining parts of a structure from the Lanna realm around B.E. 1829-1838. Voyagers can likewise book a delman at the passageway of the region to encompass this Ancient City. There is a different expense to ride this delman.

5. Brilliant Triangle

This Golden Triangle is a region where travelers can see the nation of Myanmar and Laos from a remote place. Travelers who need to visit one of these two nations can take a pontoon to cross.

It is fitting to tell a neighborhood control on the off chance that you need to enter one of these two nations with the goal that the visa procedure should be possible. Voyagers can likewise take a vessel to go around the Mekong River.

6. Opium Museum

6 One Of A Kind Spots In Chiang Rai That You Should Visit

6 One Of A Kind Spots In Chiang Rai That You Should Visit

The historical center is likewise situated in the Golden Triangle zone, so voyagers visiting the Golden Triangle can likewise observe the Opium Museum. It used to be an opium maker and a ton of opium exchange here.

Here, there is an opium historical center that has instructive capacities notwithstanding telling how the life of the individuals around the time, likewise told about the perils of medication use/opiates.

The five attractions notwithstanding drawing in likewise contain masterful components, for example, White Temple and notable components, for example, Ancient City. In the event that you get an opportunity to have a get-away, remember to stop by Chiang Rai!